Luca Moretti


I'm a Reader at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Aberdeen and a (five-year) Visiting Professor at the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy.

My current areas of investigation are general epistemology, social epistemology, formal epistemology, philosophical logic and metaphysics.


I graduated with an MLitt in Logic & Metaphysics from St Andrews in 1998 and with a PhD in Philosophy from King's College London in 2003.


After my graduation with a PhD, I had teaching positions at University College London and King's College London. I also did research in formal epistemology at the Zukunftskolleg of the University of Konstanz (Germany) and research in metaphysics and philosophical logic at the Centre for Time of the University of Sydney.


My first Lectureship was at La Trobe University (Melbourne), which I left for Aberdeen in 2009. I was a member of the steering committee of the Northern Institute of Philosophy at Aberdeen till March 2013. I have been a Visiting Professor at the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy since August 2014.


Forthcoming and recent publications


Moretti, Luca (2019). Seemings and Justification: How Appearances Justify our Beliefs. SpringerBrief (under contract).

Moretti, Luca and Nikolaj Pedersen (guest editors) (2019). Special issue of International Journal for the Study of Skepticism on “Non-evidentialist Epistemology”. (Contributors: Natalia Ashton, Annalisa Coliva, Anne Meylan, Luca Moretti, Sebastiano Moruzzi, Nikolaj Pedersen, Tommaso Piazza and Luca Zanetti.)

Moretti, Luca and Tommaso Piazza (guest editors). (2018) Special issue of Synthese on "Defeaters in current epistemology". (Contributors: Carla Bagnoli, Berit Brogaard, Adam Carter, Albert Casullo, Kathrin Gluer-Pagin, Peter Graham, Kevin McCain, Matthew McGrath, Nikolaj Pedersen, Duncan Pritchard and Matthias Steup.)

Moretti, Luca and Tommaso Piazza (2018). "Defeaters in current epistemology: introduction to the special issue”. Forthcoming in Synthese.

Moretti, Luca (2018). “Phenomenal conservatism and the problem of reflective awareness”. Forthcoming in American Philosophical Quarterly.

Marabini, Alessia and Luca Moretti (2017). “Assessing concept possession as an explicit and social practice”. Journal of Philosophy of Education 51(4): 801-816.

Moretti, Luca and Tomoji Shogenji (2017). "Skepticism and epistemic closure: two Bayesian accounts". International Journal for the Study of Skepticism 7(1): 1-25.

Moretti, Luca (2017). “Ted Poston, Reason and Explanation: A Defense of Explanatory Coherentism. UK: Palgrave Macmillan (2014)”. Philosophical Quarterly 67(266): 204-206.

Moretti, Luca (2016). “Evidence of expert’s evidence is evidence”. Episteme 13(2): 209-218.

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Moretti, Luca (2015). "In defence of dogmatism". Philosophical Studies 172(1), pp. 261-282.

Under review

Moretti, Luca. “Inferential seemings and the problem of reflective awareness”.

Work in progress

Moretti, Luca. “Problems of strategic entitlement”.

McCain, Kevin and Luca Moretti. Appearance and explanation (monograph).

Moretti, Luca and Tommaso Piazza. “Mediate proper ground and doxastic justification” (invited paper).

Marabini, Alessia and Luca Moretti. “Goldman and Siegel on the epistemic aims of education”.



Philosophy Department, University of Aberdeen
Old Brewery, High Street
Aberdeen AB24 3UB
Scotland, UK