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 Luca Moretti

Philosophy Department
University of Aberdeen
Old Brewery, High Street

Aberdeen AB24 3UB
Scotland, UK

Email: l.moretti @ abdn.ac.uk (remove spaces)
Tel:     +44 (0)1224 272385

Fax:    +44 (0)1224 273750

   Pic of Luca
I am a Lecturer at the Philosophy Department of Aberdeen University (Scotland).
My current areas of investigation are epistemology, formal epistemology, philosophical logic and metaphysics. I received a PhD in Philosophy from King's College London in 2003, and an MLitt in Logic and Metaphysics from the University of St Andrews in 1998.

Forthcoming papers
Moretti, Luca. "The dogmatist, Moore's proof and transmission failure". Forthcoming in Analysis.
Moretti, Luca. "Recent work on phenomenal conservatism". Forthcoming in Analysis.
Moretti, Luca. "In defence of dogmatism". Forthcoming in Philosophical Studies.
Girard, Patrick and Luca Moretti. "Antirealism and the conditional fallacy: the semantic approach". Forthcoming in The Journal of Philosophical Logic.