Luca Moretti


I'm a Reader at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Aberdeen, a Visiting Professor at the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy, a member of the Research Group From Perception to Belief and Back Again of the University of Bochum (Germany), and a faculty member of the Doctoral Programme of FINO (North-Western Italian Philosophy Consortium).

My current areas of investigation are general epistemology, social epistemology and philosophy of education. I'm moving towards social ontology and critical theory. In the past I did research in metaphysics and philosophical logic.


I graduated with an MLitt in Logic & Metaphysics from St Andrews in 1998 and with a PhD in Philosophy from King's College London in 2003.


After my graduation with a PhD, I had teaching positions at University College London and King's College London. I also did research in formal epistemology at the Zukunftskolleg of the University of Konstanz (Germany) and research in metaphysics and philosophical logic at the Centre for Time of the University of Sydney.


My first Lectureship was at La Trobe University (Melbourne), which I left for Aberdeen in 2009. I was a member of the steering committee of the Northern Institute of Philosophy at Aberdeen till March 2013. I have been a Visiting Professor at the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy since August 2014.


Forthcoming and recent publications


Moretti, Luca and Tommaso Piazza (2023). "Epistemologia" ("Epistemology"). In T. Andina and G. Fracchia (eds), Filosofia Contemporanea (Contemporary Philosophy) (pp. 63-99). Roma: Carrocci

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McCain, Kevin and Luca Moretti (2021). Appearance and Explanation: Phenomenal Explanationism in Epistemology. Oxford: OUP.

“In this carefully argued book, McCain and Moretti present an attractive theory with rich resources for tackling not only the problems besetting phenomenal conservatism but epistemology more broadly, from the problem of how immediate justification is possible to the perennial challenge of how to reply to the skeptic. It is a ‘must read’ for anyone working in epistemology.”

                                                   Matthew McGrath, Washington University at St. Louis

         “A compelling and comprehensive account of the nature and epistemic role of
         appearances. Highly recommended.”

                                                                    Declan Smithies, Ohio State University

         See Calb Estep's book review in Review of Metaphysics.

Moretti, Luca and Nikolaj Pedersen (editors) (2021). Non-Evidentialist Epistemology. Contributors: N. Ashton, A. Coliva, J. Kim, K. McCain, A. Meylan, L. Moretti, S. Moruzzi, J. Ohlorst, N. Pedersen, T. Piazza, L. Zanetti. Leiden: Brill.

         See Drew Johnson's book review in International Journal for the Study of Skepticism.

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Moretti, Luca (2020). Seemings and Epistemic Justification: How Appearances Justify Beliefs. Cham: Springer.
You can download Contents, Ch 1, Ch 2, Ch 3, Ch 4, Ch 5, Ch 6.

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Work in progress

Moretti, Luca and Alessia Marabini. The Betrayal of Education: The Failure of Competence-Based Learning and the Demand for Bildung (monograph).

McCain, Kevin and Luca Moretti. “Reflective awareness, phenomenal conservatism and phenomenal explanationism”.

Guli, Sandro and Luca Moretti. "Burman on telic power and deontic power".


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